Thankful It’s Talonz Saturday (T.I.)(T.S)

Happy “Thankful It’s Talonz Saturday” and what exactly are you looking at? My eyes are up here… Oh never mind…

To be honest I don’t remember much about his shoot other than I was really digging the way this scandalous, little black keyhole dress was showcasing my boobs. For whatever reason, I seem to draw quite a bit of attention when I wear it. No idea why…

Enjoy. I know I did!


Thankful It’s Talonz Saturday (T.I.)(T.S)

Happy “Thankful It’s Talonz Saturday” and what exactly are you looking at? These photos are from a shoot I did for Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in San Francisco. I gravitate towards the schoolgirl look. What do you think? Do I pull it off? Enjoy these. I know I did!

If you are in the city, check me out!

MySpace Memories


So I stumbled across by old Myspace profile. Yes, MySpace! Looking through the pictures was a lot of fun and brought back plenty of memories. It also reminded me of some shaky hairstyles and tragic fashion decisions.

Good news: I have survived and I’m in the best shape of my life and love the way I look. No body issues here!

Enjoy these Talonz blasts from the past!


Talonz & Christy Mack

Every once and a while, you meet someone that is truly an inspiration for who she is and what she represents. Christy Mack is one of those people that I feel extremely blessed to know. She represents all the things I want to be: bright, bold, sassy, sexy, resilient and just a general kickass chick.

For those of you unfamiliar with her story, Christy was a victim of a horrific, domestic violence assault by her then boyfriend, a total scumbag named “War Machine”. Christy was a picture of grace, poise and dignity throughout her long and painful road to recovery. She has used her notoriety to advocate for victims of domestic violence, giving a powerful voice to a national epidemic.

For more details on her incredible story, check this outstanding article in ESPNw.

I am proud to call her a friend. She’s truly an inspiration.


Ghost Hunters


I got a great opportunity to appear on The Travel Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” which tried to locate and communicate with the spirit dancers haunting San Francisco’s legendary Market Street Cinema.

Check out the complete episode (Season 7, Episode 5) below!

Here is an outtake with my girlfriend Mia. We always have so much fun together!

Here’s a shot of Mia and I with Ghost Adventures host Aaron. Great time with a great crew! Yes, my eyes are glowing. No, I am not haunting the Market Street Theater. At least, not yet…